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    Internet Marketing

    Knowing where to advertise online is the key to your return on investment (ROI). Our experience and understanding of online mediums and web promotion means we can employ optimum strategies to buy and promote your campaign online.

    There are a host of other options that if implemented effectively, can bolster your business. They include: viral marketing, social media and affiliate programs marketing, like Google Adwords. Our social media packages include the setup and management of your accounts on a range of relevant social networking websites. Integrating your brand with social media forms an important part of any online strategy by utilising and exploiting your content assets.

    More traditional (but by no means less effective) methods like email marketing, banners and general online marketing, form the backbone of our web promotion offering.

    To further enhance our position as leading website promotion company in Melbourne, we’ve created our own proprietary reporting system that allows you to accurately measure your return on investment (ROI).

    Provocative design, solid strategies and creative media placement are just some of the tools we use to generate a more effective message and ultimately increase your all-important conversion rate.

    We can work with your to create a search engine marketing (SEM) campaign that will boost traffic to your site, with inclusions such as Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising. The advantage of PPC advertising (such as Google Adwords) is the immediate result, however this should always be used in conjunction with your SEO to ensure optimal ongoing results.

    Did you know?

    Word of mouth conversations spread quicker online.

    Internet Vs. Traditional Marketing
    • Larger audience
      Internet marketing allows you to access a potentially global audience instead of a limited location based audience.
    • Niche targeting
      Most forms of internet marketing allow you to specify exactly want kind of person you want to target including age, sex, location and income. You can speak directly to your fan base.
    • Audience finds you
      Using search engines is a great way for consumers to find exactly what they want. So your online presence needs to reflect what your target audience will search for.
    • Faster campaigns
      Internet marketing campaigns can react immediately to unplanned events and changes in society. Marketing campaigns can be planned, created and distributed often within a day or even a few hours. Compare that to the preparation and effort that goes into creating a TV or radio ad, or even a print commercial.
    • Cost effective
      Traditional marketing avenues (like TV, radio, billboards) charge thousands (and sometimes millions) of dollars for one campaign. It is possible to run internet marketing campaigns with no budget.
    • Going viral
      Marketing campaigns on the internet have the potential to spread like wildfire. With the ability to send campaigns to friends with the click of a button, you can let your audience spread the campaign for you.
    • Monitoring and Reporting
      Most importantly you can track the results of your campaign. You can access details about the people who interacted with your campaign and monitor how they interacted.

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