Web Design

There are no limits to our web design capabilities. Whether you need a website redesign or have never had a website before, we can reflect your company’s style and branding in our creative design efforts.

A well designed website can be what launches your company or brand to be the leader in its field. We design clean, simple and easy to navigate websites using our skillful expertise and attention to detail.

Not only do the websites we design look spectacular, they function without fault. We design websites that are fast loading, search engine friendly and intuitive. It’s simple really: our websites work. They’re uncluttered, inventive and they function really well.

Did you know?

There are 216 Web safe colours.

The 5 Principles of Web Design
  • Layout
    Giving your website content space to breathe is often as important as the content itself. Simplicity will make it easy for the important stuff to stand out on your website.
  • Balance
    Don’t you hate websites that weigh you down with too much content in too little space? The key is to design a website with well-balanced components that won’t make your visitors eyes bulge.
  • Colour
    Using thoughtfully chosen colour combinations can enhance the overall meaning of a brand and the mood of a website. The colour palette chosen can stimulate different emotions and reactions in the user.
  • Navigation
    If your website is easy to navigate, the user is more likely to stay and explore more content. Navigation interfaces that are clear, simple and easy to understand encourage users to stay on the site and soak up more content.
  • Content
    Using meaningful images on your website can help convey your message clearly and directly. Users scan pages for the most interesting content, so by including powerful imagery and well set out text, you can help capture their attention.
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